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Permanent Missionof the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United Nations at the First Committee thematic discussion on Regional disarmament and security




Mr. Israil Tilegen


Permanent Missionof the Republic of Kazakhstan

to the United Nations


at the First Committee thematic discussion

on “Regional disarmament and security”




21 October 2011

New York




Mr. Chairman,

          M delegation would like to congratulate the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (ODA) for championing, through its Regional Disarmament Branch (RDB), disarmament and non –proliferation measures so necessary to avert increasing threats despite many of the positive developments on the global scene.  We would also like to thank the panel members for their commendable presentations and commitment to see that disarmament takes deep roots from the micro to the macro levels

          The three United Nations Regional Centres for peace and disarmament are hubs of excellence that help bridge the gap between international policy makers and practitioners at the national, sub-regional and regional levels. The centres are valuable not only for raising awareness about the risks and perils of weapons of mass destruction, conventional arms, mobilizing advocacy for governmental action, but more importantly, assisting Member States, regional and sub-regional organizations in the practical implementation of global disarmament and arms control norms and agreements at the regional, sub-regional and national levels.  A good example is seen in joint efforts to strengthen peace and stability in the Central Asian Nuclear Weapon- Free Zone.


There is also reciprocity and balanced synergy between RDB and Member States. As an example, Kazakhstan’s domestic disarmament activities provide impetus for sub-regional, regional and even multilateral action. Several key global disarmament treaties have been reinforced by corresponding national laws enacted in Kazakhstan and other countries of the region, especially in the Central Asian zone. My country has successfully tried to implement the disarmament process through its Chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 2010, and continues to do in in capacity as Chair of the Ministerial Council of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation this year. It takes note of the thrust provided by ODA in giving special emphasis to gender and human rights issues in disarmament and non-proliferation activities.

          The three centres facilitate intra- and inter-regional exchange of best practices, promote human capacity and institutional building, and serve as a clearing house for matching needs with resources for disarmament and non-proliferation, combating terrorism and illegal trade in arms, improving law enforcement and cross border control. The efficiency and exchange of cross-regional lessons learned is increased through the coordinating role of RDB, with which Kazakhstan would like to intensify its collaboration even further.

I am pleased to inform you that Kazakhstan last month hosted the 1540 training Workshop for 30 experts from the Central Asian Region. This initiative together with ODA was made possible through funding from OSCE, and the Governments of Norway and USA, to whom we express our sincerest gratitude.  
          Seeing how much we gain from such regional activities, my delegation urges all Member States to continue to intensify their collaboration with RDB and at the same time, continue to provide financial and in-kind resources to enable its operations.


I thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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