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Statement by of Ambassador Kairat K. Abdrakhmanov
for luncheon on post-2014 Afghanistan
3 February 2014

1. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers of todays interactive discussions Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung New York Office. I believe todays event would contribute to the contemporary trend of comprehension and realizing the post-2014 development in Afghanistan. I am also honoured to welcome prominent scientist and researches attending todays discussions.

2. Kazakhstan supports stable and steady development of our brotherly neighbor Afghanistan, which we believe, would decrease threats and challenges to international, regional and national security. We are very much interested to jointly with Afghanistan, other regional actors and international community counteract to the threats of international terrorism, drug and arms trafficking, religious extremism.
We believe that the international society under the leadership of the United Nations and in close cooperation with the Afghan Government has to play active and effective role in the political settlement and rehabilitation in the country.
Kazakhstan advocates Afghanistan Governments efforts to consolidate the Afghan society and to turn the country into the stable democratic state.

3. My country actively participates in different international fora aimed to unite and coordinate international efforts to rebuild independent viable state with strong statehood, society, economy. We are confident that the process of reconstruction should be based on a peaceful dialogue on national reconciliation and involve all parties concerned.
Kazakhstan stands for the transfer to Afghan Government the responsibility for stability and security maintenance, further political reforms and for efficient use of international assistance including financial. Progress in the country depends on good political will of all participants of the process.
Kazakhstan is very much interested Afghanistan to be intensively involved into the cooperation activities in the region. To that end Kazakhstan is the part of the Istanbul Process which was designed to rendering assistance to Afghanistan by regional countries in different dimensions.

4. On bilateral level Afghanistan and Kazakhstan work actively together in the frameworks of the Inter-Governmental Commission in the sphere of export-import extension, educating of Afghan students in Kazakhstan in engineering, health service, agriculture, law enforcement and border control. The total amount allocated for Afghan students training programmes is $ 50 million.
Kazakhstan also provides technical and humanitarian assistance, food, oil and fuel products and equipments, constructs roads, schools and hospitals.

5. As far as consolidated international actions are concerned Kazakhstan welcomes and supports all initiatives which would serve the overall purpose of Afghanistan restoration and rehabilitation. These days, while negotiations between Afghan Government and coalition forces command are still being under way, the acuteness of the issue of fate and future of the country prevails in the international agenda.
In this regard we welcome the Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability Afghanistans Region: 2014 & Beyond proposed by the group of international experts under the umbrela of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. We believe that the Joint Declaration would contribute international efforts to ensure smooth transition and further development of the country for the period after 2014.
Indeed, as rightly indicated in the Declaration, the future of Afghanistan is intertwined with the future of the region - a secure Afghanistan is crucial to establishing a secure region. As such, Afghanistans immediate and regional neighbours are responsible of supporting its transition, political stability, security, peace and economic development. To our view this Joint Declaration has been prepared to underscore past achievements and to offer recommendations to be implemented in the Decade of Transformation.

6. Kazakhstan shares main objectives outlined in the Declaration: to eventually transform Afghanistan into an asset for all, itself, the neighbouring, near-neighbouring and regional countries and beyond, and to ensure a smooth political, security and socio-economic transition to a genuinely representative and sovereign Afghan state. It also is of a ramount importance, and I have mentionned that earlier, the finding of appropriate mechanisms for non-interference and reconciliation, formulation and adoption of Afghan National Transition Strategy, as the main prerequisit for countrys steady and stable development.

7. We also believe that concept of the Afghan-led and Afghan-specific Neutrality based on the principle of non-interference into Afghanistans internal affairs and supported by all parties, including neighbouring and regional countries, global powers and the United Nations should serve interest of all layers of Afghan society, people and regions of the country.

8. I welcome the idea of the benchmarking principle proposed in Joint Declaration. Strategic planning based on short-, medium- and long-term approach along with other political, economic and partnership mechanisms lay solid foundation for the success needed for soonest restoration and rehabilitation of Afghanistan.

9. I once again thank Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung for organizing this event and giving me opportunity to participate in it. I reiterate my contrys commitment to be actively involved into international multilateral and bilateral activities to brign peace and stability in our brotherly neighbouring state Afghanistan.
Thank you.