On 30 August the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrated the Constitution Day, one of the most important state holidays in the country.  Historically, public celebratory events, festivals and concerts are held in all the regions of the country. The educational institutions and media play their part in educating the citizens about the Constitution and the constitutional developments. The Supreme Court spreads awareness about the importance of judiciary system in the country and brings forward the facts about how constitution encourages and protects the country's sovereignty, human rights and the benefits of independence.

A military parade has been held for the first time on the Constitution Day, demonstrating defense forces and power of the young independent state. The 2000 bravest and strongest officers and soldiers of all the military and interior forces marched before the supreme commander-in-chief at «Kazak Yeli» square. Over 120 units of arms and aviation were involved in the military parade.

The head of the state, Nursultan Nazarbayev has stated that equality and unity of all Kazakhstanis is the main condition of successful development and prosperity, and Constitution is the guarantee of growth of well-being of every citizen of the country. Constitution consolidated the main values for many centuries - independence, peace and stability. The duty of all state institutions and every Kazakhstani citizen is to guard these values, President stressed.

On August 30, 2020 as a result of the nationwide referendum, Kazakhstan's Constitution the supreme national law was adopted establishing the rules and principles of building Kazakhstan as an independent, sovereign, economically liberal, fledgling democracy. All internationally recognized rights and freedoms are enshrined in the Constitution, thus making it a modern and progressive basis for a sustainable movement towards full-fledged democratic system and rule of law.

The Constitution allowed the accelerated economic reform while maintaining political and social stability. It consolidated the unity of the people and united more than 120 nationalities in Kazakhstan. Along with changes in the economy, the Constitution of Kazakhstan has opened new opportunities for process of political modernization in the society. The Constitution has recently been updated to keep up with the pace of rapid changes in the country's political system. The gist of the Constitutional amendments approved in May, 2007 is the gradual ceding of powers by the President to the Parliament and a thoughtful move towards a parliamentary majority system.