About the situation with the Uyghur Diaspora in the Republic of Kazakhstan


According to the data of the Ethnographic card of Kazakhstan made by the Center on research of interethnic relations of the Ministry of culture and information, aroubd 231,4 thousand Uyghurs live on the territory of the country, comprising 1,5 % of the population of Kazakhstan. There are 42 doctors of science, 4 academicians, more than 200 candidates of science doctors, 5 national actors and more than 20 "Honoured workers» of the Uyghur ethnos that successfully work in Kazakhstan. 393 representatives of the ethnos are in public service, 13 of them – on political poritions. The ethnos is represented in the Parliament of Kazakhstan and all other levels of the legislature.

The Public association entitled the «Republican cultural center of the Uyghurs of Kazakhstan” (the Center) is officially registered and functions as a focal point of this ethnic group, chaired by Mr. Akhmetzhan Bakrimovich Shardinov. The main activities of the cultural center of the Uyghurs of Kazakhstan is managed by the board of trustees (35 persons - 5 doctors of sciences, 2 academicians, 3 candidates of science doctors, 1 national actor, 5 “honoured workers,” 31 members of the board have higher education). The Centre governs 11 Councils: educational, scientific, aksakals (elders), creative specialists, women, on youth, medical, analytical, artists, on sports, Mashrap ("Cultural heritage"), on patriotic education. The Centre has its 9 registered branches around the country.

National mass media are mainly concentrated in places of compact residing of the ethnic group. For instance, in Almaty and the vicinity there are 11 printing mass-media that publish in Uyghur language: «the Uyghur avazi», «Jeni zaman», «Jash avlad», «Saniet», «Or vadisi-Ile shugylasy», «Ana mektep-muktap» and others. There is also a 15-minute weekly broadcast on the Kazakh radio.

The state Uyghur drama theatre of a musical comedy named after K.Kozhamjarova operates in Kazakhstan, the only state theatre in the whole CIS area.

The Department of Uyghur Studies functions at the institute of Oriental studies of the Kazakhstan's Academy of Sciences, The Union of writers of Kazakhstan also has a branch of Uyghur writers.

Today in the city of Almaty, 2114 children study at 3 schools with Uyghur language and 3 mixed schools. In Panfilovsky, Uyghur and Talgarsky districts of the Almaty region there are 11 schools with Uyghur language and 47 mixed schools that have classes in Uyghur language with a total of 12841 students. In total in Kazakhstan there are 14955 students that study using Uyghur language.

18 schools with the education in Uyghur language are connected to the system of remote training through the satellite channel. 24 schools are provided with multimedia classes and interactive boards.

The Government spends 12810380 tenges (national currency) for acquisition of textbooks and the educational-methodical literature for Uyghur schools for 2008-2009 academic years, 13705000 tenges are allocated for 2009-2010 academic years.

By the order of the Ministry of Education and Science ? 14 dated 20 January 2021 changes were made to the Rules of certification of school graduates allowing graduates of the Uyghur, Uzbek and Tadjik schools at their own discretion participate in the Unified National Testing (UNT). Following the results of 2009, out of 984 graduates of the Uyghur schools of Almaty region 103 have expressed their desire to participate in the UNT, 60 of which – in the Kazakh language and 43 - will take testing in Russian.

A project of poly-language education using the experience of the Uzbek Schools of the South-Kazakhstan region has been launched. With the participation of the representatives of the OSCE a seminar on the experience of poly-language and bilingual education of the Uzbek schools was organized for representatives of Uyghur and Tadjik schools on 5-6 May 2009 in Shymkent city, South-Kazakhstan region.