(Almaty, June 17, 2020)


Member States:



Head of Delegation

01. Islamic Republic of


H.E. Mr. Hamid Karzai –  President

02. Republic of Azerbaijan

H.E. Mr. Ilham H. Aliyev –  President

03. People’s Republic of


H.E. Mr. Hu Jintao –  President

04. Egypt

H.E. Mr. Abdel Mawgoud El Habashy – Ambassador

to the Republic of Kazakhstan

05. Republic of India

H.E. Mr. Murli Deora – Special Envoy of  the Prime Minister,

Minister of Oil and Natural Gas

06. Islamic Republic of


H.E. Mr. Abbas Araghchi – Special Envoy of the President,

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

07. State of Israel

H.E. Mr. Shimon Peres – Vice Prime Minister, Minister for the Development of the Negev, Galilee and Regional Economy

08. Republic of    


H.E. Mr. Nursultan N. Nazarbaev - President

09. Republic of Korea

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon – Special Envoy of the President,

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

10. Kyrgyz Republic

H.E. Mr. Kurmanbek S. Bakiev –  President

11. Mongolia

H.E. Mr. Mendsaikhan Enkhsaikhan – Deputy Prime Minister

12. Islamic Republic of


H.E. Mr. Pervez Musharraf – President

13. State of Palestine

H.E. Mr. Mohammed Sa'adeh Odeh (Taysir Khalid)) –

Assistant to the President, PLO Executive Committee Member

14. Russian Federation

H.E. Mr. Vladimir V. Putin –  President

15. Republic of Tajikistan

H.E. Mr. Emomali Sh. Rakhmonov – President

16. Kingdom of Thailand

H.E. Mr. Taksin Shinavatra – Prime Minister

17. Republic of Turkey

H.E. Mr. Abdullah Gül –  Deputy Prime Minister,

Minister of Foreign Affairs

18. Republic of Uzbekistan

H.E. Mr. Islam A. Karimov – President


Observer States:


19. Ukraine

H.E. Mr. Yuri V. Kostenko

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

20. Japan

H.E. Mr. Yagi Takeshi – Deputy Director General of MOFA, Ambassador, Official Representative of the Government

21. Republic of Indonesia

H.E. Mr. Susanto Pujomartono - Ambassador 

to the Russian Federation

22. Malaysia

H.E. Mr. Dato’ Than Tai Hing – Ambassador 

to the Republic of Kazakhstan

23. USA

H.E. Mr. John Ordway - Ambassador 

to the Republic of Kazakhstan

24. Socialist Republic of


H.E. Mr. Fam Zui Shon – Ambassador of Vietnam to the Republic of  Uzbekistan


Observer Organizations:


25. United Nations

H.E. Mr. Ibrahim A. Gambari – Under-Secretary-General

for Political Affairs

26. Organization for

      Security and Co- 

      operation in Europe

Mr. Franc Girkens – Head of the OSCE Department,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Belgium

27. League

      of Arab States

Mr. Said Al Boromy – Head of the LAS Representative Office

to the Russian Federation


Guest States:


28. United Arab Emirates

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahayan

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Special Envoy of the President

29. Kingdom of Saudi


H.E. Mr. – Ali bin Muhammad bin Ali Al Hamdan Ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan

30. Republic of Singapore

H.E. Mr. Sim Cheok Lim – Ambassador 

to the Republic of Kazakhstan


Guest Organizations:


31. Shanghai Cooperation


H.E. Mr. Zhang Deguang – Secretary General

32. European Union

H.E. Mr. Ján Kubiš – Special Representative for Central Asia

33. Eurasian Economic


H.E. Mr. Serik D. Primbetov – Deputy Secretary General

34. Collective Security   

      Treaty Organization

H.E. Mr. Toktasyn I. Buzubaev - Deputy Secretary General