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  • On the Presidential Election on Sunday April 3, 2020 [04/05/2020]
  • History of presidential elections in Kazakhstan since 1991 [04/05/2020]
  • Astana commemorative Declaration towards a security community [03/05/2020]
  • Kazakh President Unequivocally Rejects Referendum, Calls for Early Presidential Poll [03/05/2020]
  • The OSCE and Global Security [12/02/2021]
  • Position of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Main Issues of the Agenda of the 65 th Session of the UN General Assembly [07/25/2010]
  • N.Nazarbaev: Kyrgyz Conflict Threatened Regional Stability [06/29/2010]
  • The new university of Astana opens in the heart of Eurasia [06/28/2010]
  • Afghanistan linked to global, regional security [05/17/2010]
  • The Doctrine of National Unity of Kazakhstan [02/23/2010]
  • Kazakhstans chairmanship in the OSC [01/08/2020]
  • President Nazarbayev at the 12th Congress of Nur Otan: Industrial & Technologic development [12/12/2020]
  • Position of the Republic of Kazakhstan on nuclear fuel banks [11/02/2021]
  • Major Red Cross Forum in Astana [10/10/2020]
  • About the situation with the Uyghur Diaspora in the Republic of Kazakhstan [10/09/2020]
  • The Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan to the UN and the Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN jointly organized an exhibition entitled “Against Nuclear Arms” in the United Nations Visitors' [08/30/2009]
  • Kazakhstan celebrates Consitution Day [08/30/2009]
  • About the situation with the Russian Diaspora in the Republics of Kazakhstan [10/02/2021]
  • President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposes radical reforms to Kazakhstan's political system [05/17/2007]
  • Annual State of the Nation Address of the President of Kazakhstan [04/05/2020]
  • Donation of the Government of Kazakhstan to the CERF [05/15/2006]
  • Republic Day in Kazakhstan [10/25/2005]
  • Press-Release on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Independence [11/30/-0001]
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