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Republic Day in Kazakhstan

On October 25 Kazakhstan celebrates state holiday – the Republic Day. That day in 1990 the supreme representative body of Kazakhstan adopted the Declaration on State Sovereignty. This document became a starting point in Kazakhstan's movement to independence.


While 15 years is an instant in terms of history, for our country these years of major economic and democratic reforms under President Nursultan Nazarbayev's leadership have equaled a whole era.


During these years, our people have not only shed the shackles of a totalitarian regime and a command economy, but have been confidently building a democratic society with a market economy. Our voluntary renunciation of nuclear weapons and our responsible approach to solving international problems, as well as our steadfast support of the fight against terrorism have earned Kazakhstan respect in the world.


Serious political reforms and democratization in Kazakhstan accompanied economic achievements. These achievements have become possible because peace and stability have reigned in our country of more than 100 ethnic groups and 40 religions since its very first days.


Kazakhstan has enjoyed stability in a diverse society. In recent years the nation has sought to share its experience of harmony and tolerance with others. Kazakhstan has developed a vibrant modern political system, and has moved far along the path to a participatory democracy.


By building an open economy and democratic society the people of Kazakhstan integrating with the rest of increasingly interdependent world. We decided from the very beginning to take a proactive position and are considerably involved in the world affairs and the settlement of international issues.


Our foreign policy is aimed at strengthening the Kazakh statehood and national security. Our successful incorporation into the world political and economic community, our recognition as a full-fledged player in the international relations, as a state, which takes full responsibility for its international commitments, are important milestones of the contemporary history of Kazakhstan.


Today Kazakhstan boasts a rapidly evolving and flexible market economy, based on radical reforms and privatization, as well as an abundance of oil and other natural resources. Our country is reaching a new level in the area of sustainable development. The national government is paying priority attention to the acceleration of economic growth in accordance with the demands of globalization and new technological realities.


All achievements in 15 years of sovereignty are a solid foundation for further building a developed and democratic Kazakhstan.

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